Applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Priority is given to children who have been in the program and their younger siblings. When the school is fully enrolled, applicants will be held on a waiting list until an opening is available.

Dover Gardens has been approved for the Canada Wide Early Learning Child Care program. The monthly fees reflect a 52.75% fee reduction that will remain in place until further fee reductions are announced. The next reduction will likely be implemented in September 2024 and the final fee reduction to $10/day (on average) will occur in September 2025.

FEES (Monthly)


There is no fee required to be placed on the waiting list. The order of priority for allocation of places is applied on the basis of the following:

  1. Returning children currently attending Dover Gardens Nursery School.

  2. Children who previously attended Dover Gardens and withdrew for a period of time.

  3. Siblings of those children currently attending Dover Gardens.

  4. Remaining places will be allocated based on chronological order (from the date at which confirmation of waitlist is provided).

  5. We aim to allocate places on the basis of one intake a year, in September. At other times, there may be places available in the event that there are changes to the attendance arrangements of any existing children.

  6. Toddler spots are filled in September. Preschoolers will be given priority for any remaining spots that may open during the school year.

  7. For September enrollment, preschool spots can be offered to children who turn the participating age prior to October 10th, and can begin attending once they are of age.

  8. If you are offered a spot and do not accept, you can maintain your current waitlist position for the following school year registration or for a spot in the preschool age program (2.5 yrs.+) once your child is eligible. Remaining on the waitlist does not guarantee another offer will be made.

Join The Waitlist

Offer of a Place

  1. When we are able to offer a place at Dover Gardens, the registrar will contact the family, specifying the days of the week and the number of sessions that are available and the anticipated start date. Parents are required to respond within a specified time in order to accept the offer or it will lapse. 

  2. There is no specified length of time that you need to be on the waitlist to be offered a space. 

  3. In the event that the offer of a place is accepted, the family will need to confirm in writing and pay a deposit to secure it. 

Dover Gardens Parent Handbook