Dover Gardens Nursery School is a non-profit playschool that has been operating in the Dufferin Grove neighbourhood since 1983. Toddlers (18-30 months) and Preschoolers (2½ - 5 years) have an opportunity to grow and learn in a safe, engaging environment with the support of two qualified Early Childhood Educators. As a cooperative model school, we offer a unique opportunity to be involved in your children’s early education.




Dover Gardens Nursery School operates on a family model, allowing toddlers and preschoolers to participate in the same activities to learn and grow from each other.

Each session at Dover Gardens includes:

  • engaging circle time built around a weekly theme
  • a period of free play with craft activity, sand and water tables, blocks, puzzles, and dramatic play centre
  • tidy up, toileting and hand washing routine
  • nutritious snack (including organic fruits and vegetables) with conversation
  • physical play in the gym or outdoors.

Our program runs from 9-11:45 am Monday through Friday. There is an optional extended kindergarten preparation program available that runs until 12:30.


Dover Gardens is licensed by the Ministry of Education. Our Provincial License allows us to operate two separate programs (Toddler - 18 to 30 months and Preschool - 2 ½ to 5 years) OR, to operate with a "Mixed Age Group", often referred to as a 'Family Model'.




Applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Priority is given to children who have been in the program and their younger siblings. When the school is fully enrolled, applicants will be held on a waiting list until an opening is available. There are also a number of non-participatory spots that will be offered up each year.


All fees are per month.

2018/2019 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days
$265 $325 $375 $430
$375 $438 $490 $540
$205 $270 $333 $385
$320 $385 $448 $500
Participating + Extended
$255 $340 $420 $485
Non-Participating + Extended
$370 $455 $533 $595

Note: Toddler students are allowed to participate in the Extended Program (11:45-12:30pm) only if they have an older preschool sibling participating as well - allowing for one pick-up time for families. Please speak to the Registrar about toddler extended tuition fees and details.



There is no fee required to be placed on the waiting list. The order of priority for allocation of places is applied on the basis of the following:

  1. Returning children currently attending Dover Gardens Nursery School.
  2. Children who previously attended the Nursery School and withdrew for a period of time.
  3. Siblings of those children currently attending the Nursery School (registration required by April 30th for the following September start).
  4. Remaining places will be allocated based on chronological order (from the date at which confirmation of waitlist is provided).
  5. We aim to allocate places on the basis of one intake a year, in September. At other times, there may be places available in the event that there are changes to the attendance arrangements of any existing children.
  6. Toddler spots are filled in September. Preschoolers will be given priority for any remaining spots that may open during the school year.
  7. For September enrollment, preschool spots can be offered to children who turn the participating age prior to October 10th, and can begin attending once they are of age.
  8. If you are offered a spot and do not accept, you can maintain your current waitlist position for the following school year registration or for a spot in the preschool age program (2.5 yrs.+) once your child is eligible. Remaining on the waitlist does not guarantee another offer will be made.
  9. Our waitlist is maintained by the Registrar and in the Dover Gardens classroom. It is available at all times for families to enquire about their status in confidence and privacy.

To be added to the waitlist, please leave your details at the this link and we will add you to the list.


Offer of a Place

  1. When we are are able to offer a place at the Nursery, the registrar will contact the family, specifying the days of the week and number of sessions that are available and the anticipated start date. Parents will be requested to respond within a specified time if they wish to accept the offer made otherwise the offer will lapse
  2. Families are usually contacted 8 weeks before any given start date as parents are required to give 2 month's notice of their withdrawal.
  3. There is no specified length of time that you need to be on the list to be offered a space.
  4. In the event that the offer of a place is accepted, it will be necessary to confirm this in writing and pay a deposit in order to secure the place offered.

Dover Gardens is licensed by the Ministry of Education. Our Provincial License allows us to operate two separate programs (Toddler - 18 to 30 months and Preschool - 2 ½ to 5 years) OR, to operate with a "Mixed Age Group", often referred to as a 'Family Model'.

Dover Gardens Nursery School Handbook





Dover Gardens Nursery School
228 Bartlett Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6H 3G4

phone: 416-533-7337

email: dovergardensregistrar@gmail.com

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What are the benefits of sending my child to a cooperative model school?

At Dover Gardens, all families have a chance to participate in their child’s first school and social experiences. During duty days you have the opportunity to see how your child interacts with other children, get to know their teachers and their friends. In addition the cooperative model provides an excellent way to meet new people and become further involved in the community.

What responsibilities do parents have at Dover Gardens?

Dover Gardens is run on the cooperative model, which means that parents manage and participate in running the school. Each family chooses a task at the beginning of the year and performs this in addition to doing a set number of duty days per six week cycle, depending on the number of days that your child is enrolled.

Parent members work together on committees, in rotation in the playroom and attend the semi-annual general meetings. For a more detailed description of responsibilities, please see the Parent Handbook and its Appendices.

Does Dover Gardens run a full day program?

At this time we only offer a morning program which runs from 9-11:45am. We also offer a Kindergarten Preparation course for children who will be starting JK the following year, which extends the day until 12:30.

How many days can my child attend Dover Gardens?

Your child can attend anywhere from two to five mornings per week. You can choose any combination of days, as long as there is availability.

Does Dover Gardens close in the summer?

Yes. Since we are housed in  Dovercourt Junior Public School, we follow the schedule of the Toronto District School Board. The school closes for two weeks at Christmas, one week for March break and two months in the summer. We are open during PD days.

Does my child need to be potty-trained to attend Dover Gardens?

No. Both E.C.E instructors are trained in toileting and diapering and will support whatever stage your child is currently at.


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Dover Gardens Nursery School
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